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Ask your hotel for a list of safety cell numbers & email

There should be a main and a backup contact whom you can call on in Germany. Get a cell number and email. Make sure you also have the contact information for your nearest Embassy or Consulate in Germany.

Get the right immunization/vaccination shots

Check with your physician to see which shots are required and/or recommended for your trip to Germany. Some countries require foreign visitors to carry an International Certificate of Vaccination (aka Yellow Card) or other proof that they have had certain inoculations or medical tests before entering. You can check online resources like the U.S. Department of State Germany country page or contact the German Embassy or Consulate for current entry requirements. The World Health Organization (WHO) can provide their recommendations for vaccinations and other travel health precautions for your trip abroad.

Photocopy your itinerary and travel documents

Make two photocopies of all your travel documents and leave one copy with a contact at home. Carry the other copy with you stored separately from the originals. Documents to make copies of include:

Passport ID page
Foreign visa (if applicable)
Hotel confirmation
Airline ticket
Driver's license
Credit cards brought on the trip
Traveler's check serial numbers


Check and understand the exchange rate before you travel.

Before you leave, notify your bank, credit card company, or other financial institutions that you are going overseas.

Avoid carrying cash and consider using traveler's checks or major credit cards instead (but make sure they are accepted at your destination before departing on your trip).

Change traveler's checks only as you need them.

Do not flash large amounts of money when paying a bill.

Local laws

While traveling, you are subject to the local laws. Foreign laws and legal systems can be vastly different from our own and it is very important to know what's legal and what's not.

Pay close attention to your personal security at all times and monitor the media for information about possible new safety or security risks.

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